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I am studying and loosing some weight. I hope I suceed.


droped Ceramics. Well that was it for Ohlone. I am still working 30 hours at JCP and have taken the ASVAB one time. I am joining the Navy. after failing the test it was as if they thought less of me. I am studying and hope to pass the test in 30 days time as well as loose 15 pounds. I think I hung up on the girl last night who said she would help me loose weight. I will miss all the ladys I work with. I hope the navy will take me. basic seems hard, but doable. I have alwayse loved the sea.. she is my stregnth. My bf is awsome. I did not tell him at first, but now that we got that out of the way he is so awsome. I love him so.

Cat's meow.. or so

So I droped all but my Ceramics classes. I feel a certain loss though. I am hoping to sighn up for city classes soon. They are $75 each though! Exspensive. I really want to better my finances and work load. I am working 30 hours a week and feel tired and depressed allot. I hope this all works out.

Doctor Who

I watched 2 episodes tonight. I like the most recent doctor best. Not only is he sexy, but he's perky and has a sense of justice. Rose is alwayse a beauty and she is smart and giving. The writers and actors do an awsome job of making the charactors so strongly connected. I saw the las episode so far. The bride and the doctor. I cryed my eyes out.Poor rose! I do hope they continue to make Dr. Who. I love it so much. I love Robin Hood as well and he is just juicy and sexy and steamy. I like his spark and vim. He is so handsome. I get so into the acting and the charactors. I like Will Scarlet because he is just so wise and just. He is with Robin because he wants peace. Robin him self is so different from the legend. I like the idea that he was more of a peace loving gentleman. Ok while I am on my BBC kick I like My Hero as well, even though it seems not to be on anymore. Guess I am either odd or sophisticated in my taste of TV now a days. Thank You so much BBC!!


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Long time

Ok. I have been going to school and studying ceramics. I was reg for Math ane English, but I droped them. I do want to get an education, so I need money, so I am doing phlobotomy or bakc office work. At least that's the plan. for now. JC is well and doing photography personaly I hope he starts to work for someone and then gets his own clients. or is with the catoring comp for a while and picks up clientel there. I am worried that I will never get married and have kids like I want to. At this pace, who knows. My cousins are a sucess and I am floping arround like a fish out of water. They all became nurses and mathmaticians and I am here with my AS in psych. it's something, but not all that mutch. I miss the enthusiasm I had in high school and the idealism I had there. Sometimes I think I will be stuck with retail. JCP is working out really well and I am going to ask for more hours. it's off season. Hope to get a second job or allot more hours.. need money for bills. Like life is ever fair to anyone.


worked there for 2 weeks officialy now. JR and MS. Nice place to work ran into fello alumni. got dissaproval from R for not having taken chances.. he is a little dense.cleaned cat hair and box.want JD but already have PD and want BSP. Only if life could slow down a little. I remember getting my AS and thinking I would get my BS and MS at the same time. Not so.. I am now 23 and working and not doing school.Life's like that I gather and I am not different from my piers. Need to study and need to get educated or I will perish and feel malnutricious. oh help! G is well and a bit grumpy APU. He is planing on photography and I hope we can swing it. cameras are exspensive and so is the training.. he could go into ad. I should let him tell me and mo what he wants.. instead of telling her what he should do. I need to just get a job that can pay for us a bit while we go to OC and CSUEB. how to do it.. I know not so far.

Dinner birthday deadcat

So I awoke at 10 and thought it was noon. I went to MP and worked for 3 hours. My cat Terra died on my lunch break, so I took the day off. My mother came home and we went to RL with B,S and C. G came along and has beel living with us for 2 weeks now. He brought me a bunch of red roses.. so sweet. day befour yesterday and the few dayse befour that Terra had escaped and been out of the house. she came back and acted really quiet and hurt. Not supprising that she died when she did. buiried her in the side yard. Oreo and his brother are buried in the front yard and we got them when we got terra. Now we only have a cat that G almost ran over who we named Lilith. She is black and white and really friendly. I quit Fry's 3 weeks ago and am glad to be at MP, but am considering working at JCP.

Long time

Ok so I do not post all that ofte, but as they say the rarity is the sweetness. In my case it goes double. I miss the people I used to know and seeing them again makes me shock to the days gone by and how quick people change. Friends to me are like a constant sea. I am looking back and I see there waves wash over me. Let not my mistakes make me wiser than they.


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