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Sexy men

Is it just me or are the men in my writing class kind of sexy! One was such a gentleman that he walked me to my car last class. We exchanged email adresses and I just was in the best mood for a few days afterword. Now I can't get him out of my mind. hmm.


Ok, so in True Blood it seems Terra, Jesus as ghosts may be used later. I like that Bill and Eric are learning to work together. Sookie may be joining up with the warewolves?! So many new series this fall and some continuing. compare again:

In Plain Sight- Marshal
True Blood-Eric
Blue Blood- Jamie
I Dream of Jeanie- Rodger

not a lot

I know it's been a long time. I am glad to say I have been in Chabot College for the past 3 years. I will transfer to Mills in the spring. I am currently taking:
Jazz styles
Oral int. of lit.
US Woman's lit

I love them all. Much reading= much joy.

update on hadnsomest men

1. Carlisle Cullen       Twilight saga
2. the tenth                    Doctor Who
3. Charlie Epps           Numb3rs
4. Sam Winchester     Supernatual
5. Dr. Hunt                    Grey's Anatomy
6.Daniel Jackson        SG1
7.Oliver Queen            Smallvill
8.Recruiting officer     Army Wives
9.Blair Sandburg        The Sentenal


all over.. got to get new hobby and maybe a degree. one never knows with life does one?


Ok I am working on moving in across the bay and starting a new job soon as well as new relationship.  I am so twitterpated by this relationship.

Long time

Ok I have not written here in ages. I am better now that I am becoming a FOMA. I feel complete and that I am doing something worth my while. I miss the educational setting of Ashford. I plan to do that again as soon as I get it payed off. for more updates go to my Myspace.

End et Beginging

I am now done with JC and finished with my first course toward my BA in Psychology. I am happy and reading allot more. I am selling allot of books on Amazon and piecing my life back together slowly.Nothing like being single to make a person feel strong and smart. I see that once I am educated I will find the one I want or he will find me, til' then I am to date and check out what is out there.. or be single for a while. Being single is so nice. I can be my self.


I passed the physical and am sighned up to be a Yeoman in the Navy. I am going to bootcamp July 9th! I am gone for 2 months and then home for 2 weeks and then gone again for 2 months. My Navy training is near Chicago and my Yeoman training is in Pensicola Florida. I am both excited and scared. I have to loose 10 pounds! I have 1 month. I will miss allot of things. I am sighned up for 4 years and I will exstend my enlistment if I really like it. I am doing clarical and secritary work. I am glad to be in an office and to be close to those in charge. I am in the same post my grandpa Wilson was. I think he would be so proud.


I find I am not working but one day next week. I am going to a comic convention and then the next day to the viverium. I miss working at a wonderfuly steady pace. I am hoping that all the study and working out will pay off sooner or later. I am thinking that anuther month will suffice and theat there will be no worries to be had at that point. I have read allot if not all the FF on Marvel.com and I love it even more. Wish I had a subscription. the 44 years of ff is 35 or so dollers. I wish also for more muhla! I wish as well to be a better woman.

most Handsome list:

1. My Boyfriend!
2. the tenth Doctor Who
3. the math professor on Numb3rs
4. Sam on Supernatual or maybe both those men
5. McDreamy from Grey's Anatomy
6. SG1 the series's Daniel Jackson
7. Lex Luthor on Smallvill

that's all the men I can think of.

what are your thoughts.. what's you list?


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